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Dental X-Rays


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Denture: Removable artificial teeth to replace missing teeth.


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Smile Designing
Smile design combines cosmetic dental treatments to enhance smile.


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Dental Implants
Artificial tooth roots replace missing teeth permanently.


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Wisdom Tooth Removal
Wisdom tooth removal involves surgical extraction of impacted or problematic third molars.


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Dr. Purvi Adhyaru
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Dr. Purvi Adhyaru


Team of Experts

Happy Patients


Waghodia, Vadodara, India


The Balaji Dental Clinic was started in the year 2015. With 23 years of experience in oral care, Dr. Purvi Adhyaru is an expert dentist in Vadodara. The clinic is located in Waghodia road, Vadodara, Gujarat. The clinic is attached to multiple renowned trusts in the city.A team of 8+ experts at the clinic has worked with sensitive clients over the years. Dr. Purvi works for school camps as well as multiple industrial camps.

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