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  • First of Its Kind: DNG is uniquely focused solely on dental professionals.
  • Unbiased Listings: We provide honest, unbiased listings of dentists.
  • No Hidden Charges: Transparency in pricing with no unexpected fees.

Enrollment Process: Dentists can join by filling out an enrollment form and completing an online payment.

Enrollment Fee: The fee is INR 999 + GST for one year.

  • Visibility: DNG is a highly search optimized for search engine, increasing your visibility.
  • Profile Features: Dentists can upload photos of their clinic and patient reviews.
  • Specialization: DNG is a platform dedicated exclusively to dentists.
  • Extended Reach: DNG extends your reach beyond local boundaries, attracting more patients.
  • Optional Pricing: Sharing your price list is optional; however, it can be beneficial for transparency.
    • Patient Convenience: Sharing prices helps patients choose services that fit their budget and needs.